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A land of hills and vineyards, Monferrato has remained an area on a human scale. Densely populated villages alternate with valleys where the presence of humans is rare: vineyards and farmland give way to wooded hills, but the landscape is always steeped in history. Traces of ancient times can be seen in the historical buildings and towers rising everywhere, as well as in the churches and abbeys.

But Monferrato is also a land of rich flavours and discovery: let yourself be carried away while slowly wandering and exploring the vineyards and villages which seem to be straight out of a story from centuries past. You will not be disappointed.


The name Monferrato comes from Aleramo di Monferrato, born around 1900 and who after several misfortunes at the court of Roman Emperor Otto I, fled with the daughter of the emperor until, in 967, the emperor granted him the title of Marquis of Monferrato and possession of all the land from the River Tanaro to the River Orba and to the shores of the sea.

The descendants of Aleramo reigned in Monferrato until 1306, and after them power went to the Palaiologos family, followed by the Houses of Gonzaga and Savoy.



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